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Receive a single check for all expired pharmaceutical return credit due through the OneCheck Select program, in as few as 10 days.

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Return Solutions

What can Return Solutions do for my pharmacy?

Reclaim time spent tracking expired pharmaceutical return credits so you can focus on what matters most.

  • Efficient Returns: Return Solutions specializes in expired pharmaceutical product returns. Whether you choose on-site or mail-in service, Return Solutions makes the return process hassle-free. Say goodbye to the headache of managing returns and focus on what matters most: patient care.
  • OneCheck Select Program: Return Solutions industry-leading OneCheck Select program, experience the OneCheck Difference:
    • Combines credit into a single check.
    • Virtually eliminates credit tracking.
    • Simplifies the reconciliation process.
    • Offers choice of reimbursement speed.

Who is an ideal Customer?

An ideal pharmacy is one that values the effective management of their inventory and is interested in receiving bonus injections of cash into your pharmacy throughout the year by properly managing the returns of your expired pharmaceuticals. Qualities of an ideal pharmacy:

  • You haven’t done an inventory since the beginning of the year and have expired or near expired pharmaceuticals.
  • You have a consistent return system and are looking to reduce costs and get payments quicker.
  • You have patients regularly looking to dispose of unused medications.

Who is Return Solutions?

Founded in 1992, Return Solutions is a trusted name in pharmaceutical reverse distribution. Return Solutions specializes in serving independent pharmacies and regional chains. Their mission is to simplify returns and reconciliation processes, allowing you to focus on patient care. Return Solutions offers on-site or mail-in service for return processing. You choose what’s best for you!

Why have Return Solutions and IPC Partnered?

IPC and Return Solutions share a commitment to supporting independent pharmacies. Our partnership offers you:

  • Competitive Pricing: As an IPC preferred vendor, Return Solutions provides competitive pricing, ensuring cost-effective solutions for your pharmacy.
  • Exceptional Products and Service: Access high-quality products and exceptional service through our partnership.
  • Dedicated Support: We’re here to support your community pharmacy, making sure you have the tools you need to thrive.

Remember, when you choose Return Solutions, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to your success. Let’s work together to enhance your pharmacy’s efficiency and profitability.

For more information, connect with a Return Solutions team member. Fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch!

Choosing to utilize an IPC preferred vendor assures you have access to competitive pricing, exceptional products and service quality, and a partner who is dedicated to supporting your community pharmacy.

IPC preferred vendors are proven brands that are devoted to the advancement of independent pharmacy. They are carefully selected by IPC and have gone through our rigorous negotiating process to make sure you get the best deal. Choosing to utilize an IPC preferred vendor assures you have access to competitive pricing, exceptional products and service quality, and a partner who is dedicated to supporting your community pharmacy.

As a cooperative, IPC is committed to the success of our members and offers select vendor partners exclusively to our GPO membership.

More Vendors

For over 60 years, PPRB has helped pharmacies build relationships, generate sales, and win customers with their signature line of high-quality, low-cost wall calendars.
Farmer & Chemist CBD products provide a more pure, more concentrated formula to ensure your patients get the right CBD treatment at the right time.
Dolphin Digital can revolutionize the way your pharmacy connects with customers and generates additional revenue.
1100+ independent pharmacies have joined the Drugstore2Door network to enhance their digital presence.
Specializes in providing long-term care pharmacies with the tools and services needed to survive in today’s environment.
Breedwise Pet Provisions brings together the best of conventional medicine and homeopathic remedies to help your customers’ furry friends live healthier, happier lives.
Your access to affordable vaccines is made easy through IPC’s preferred vaccine vendors.
Designer Greetings is virtually unrivaled in terms of quality, value and depth, with more than 22,000 everyday and seasonal designs.
RxHearing is fully staffed with board-certified hearing specialists with over 100 years of combined experience in the hearing health industry.
As a pharmacist-owned and operated business, PRS offers the best in pharmacy consulting services and has the expertise that far exceeds other pharmacy consultants or service organizations.
DollarDays partners with 16k+ pharmacies since 2001. Free shipping, 30k+ products, retail displays, 50-80% margins, cases sold, great support.
Compliance management system dedicated to helping independent pharmacies manage wholesale contracts and wholesale ordering.
Weaving style and quality into therapeutic threads, VIM & VIGR products are part designer socks, part medical device, and all designed with your customers in mind.
Your trusted partner for quality point-of-care testing.
RxSafe improves patient health by partnering with independent retail pharmacies. Their technology solutions create revenue streams that transform the way pharmacies do business.
Windmill is at the forefront of creating innovative products to meet market changes, offering cutting-edge, clinically based formulas to deliver increasing profits to retail partners.
Home health care franchise opportunity for pharmacies.
The Selzer Company - Community Pharmacy Insurance Solutions: 35+ years, custom insurance, competitive pricing, support for independents.
Berry creates innovative packaging that makes life better for people and the planet by leveraging their unmatched global capabilities, sustainability leadership, and deep innovation.
A leader in pharmaceutical returns, Inmar processes over 50% of all Rx returns for independent pharmacies.
The first liquid supplement that offers the same benefits of IV rehydration therapy, but in a drinkable form.
Independent pharmacy’s trusted partner for accounting services, starting, buying, & selling
Quidel delivers a continuum of diagnostic solutions that further improve patient outcomes and the overall quality of healthcare.
Owen Mumford has a wealth of experience in the field of diabetes care, introducing the world’s first re-usable automatic insulin delivery pen.
Pharm Fresh Media is a full-service pharmacy marketing company with the experience and know-how to set you apart from the competition.
A leading manufacturer of innovative social expression products that assist consumers in enhancing their relationships.
EnlivenHealth's solutions ensure patient health, streamline workflows, drive script growth, and boost profitability for pharmacies.
Medella Springs enhances pharmacy revenue with clinically proven supplements for sleep, focus, stress, GI health, and natural insect repellents.
A fast, simple, and complete solution for prescription-packaging products. Free custom imprints, free same-day shipping.
Choose from a great variety of sun and reading glasses. Convenient price tags are color-coded by category or strength.
Offers the best products for sustaining a healthy lifestyle by using the highest quality ingredients that meet regulatory requirements.
Receive a single check for all expired pharmaceutical return credit due through the OneCheck Select program, in as few as 10 days.
To help meet the financial needs of independent pharmacies across the country, First Financial Bank’s Pharmacy Lending team includes pharmacists and former pharmacy owners.
Amundsen Davis’s attorneys are prepared to handle a multitude of diverse legal services from the inception of business, to labor and employment issues, and litigation.
Restock your OTC Covid-19 test kits at a discount with no minimum order. SiteLabs also offers a point-of-care testing program, and more.
Their Enhanced 340B Solution assists all stakeholders to operate efficiently, see what actually matters, and better serve patients and communities.

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