Secondary Pharmacy Wholesaler and Distributor

Independent pharmacies have a supply agreement through a buying group with a primary wholesaler to take advantage of the buying power of many. Compliance with your supply agreement can be challenging. For those savvy pharmacies who understand their compliance metrics, they recognize that partnering with a secondary wholesaler is key to optimizing their drug costs. After all, your COGS (cost of goods sold) is the largest line item on your profit and loss statement.

Here at IPC, we recognized this need and created a wholesale distribution warehouse that meets the needs of over 7,000 pharmacies across the country.

IPC Secondary Pharmacy Wholesaler Warehouse

Why should I choose IPC as my secondary pharmacy wholesaler?

Our customers have shared the four things they like most about using IPC as a secondary wholesaler:


Warehouse Edge


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Competitive Pricing

Put our buying power to work for you. As the largest buying group for independent pharmacies and serving over 7,000 pharmacies from our wholesale distribution warehouse you gain access to over 300 Brand Rx items and over 2,700 Generic Rx items at competitive prices to meet your need to reduce your overall COGS.

“IPC has done a tremendous job for me as a business owner, a pharmacy owner. The competitive pricing I receive really helps me stay in the game against the big boys.”

– Bilal Salim, Holland Discount Pharmacy, Holland, OH


Free Shipping with Low Minimum Orders

Gain access to our products easily and conveniently with our low minimum orders of only $200 for generics and $5,000 for brands.

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Easy Ordering

Our ordering portal, completely updated in 2023 based on customer feedback and input, provides you with the information and easy access you need to make informed and educated decisions that benefit your business. Before you get started, we will guide you through a comprehensive tour, so you are comfortable with the tools at your disposal and take advantage of the product specials we offer each week.

“You can call and talk to someone. They’re not like dealing with a huge corporation. If you need an answer, you can just call up and they’ll respond to you quickly and they’re very friendly and it’s been a great partnership for a long time, 25 years, and we couldn’t be happier.”

– Dan Fuchs, Dick’s Pharmacy, Twin Falls, ID

Your secondary pharmacy wholesaler needs to help you meet your GCR.

Listen to what your colleagues are saying about the IPC Warehouse.

Jim Sajbel, Jr.

Prescription Shop
Pueblo, CO

Jenny Dang

One Pharmacy
Fountain Valley, CA

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IPC is proud to serve independent pharmacies.

Independent Pharmacy Cooperative has been serving independent pharmacies since 1983. Michelle Johnson, CHRO, says in the video, “At IPC, we believe there is a patient behind every package.” We are committed to both the viability of independent pharmacy and the patients and communities they serve. As the most accessible healthcare providers in the healthcare ecosystem, it is critical that we deliver quality products consistently, efficiently, and cost effectively.

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