Get back what you put in.

When you purchase from IPC, it’s an investment in yourself. Our profit-sharing business model is unique in that we not only return 100% of our profits to you, but also 100% of the McKesson rebates you earn.

This is because we aren’t run by Wall Street. Our Board of Directors are independent pharmacy owners, just how it should be.

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What else sets us apart?

McKesson Relationship

  • Decades-long partnership
  • Contract oversight
  • Ongoing supply agreement negotiations
  • Competitive pricing
  • Access to Health Mart Atlas business tools

Nation’s Largest GPO

  • Operated for and by independents
  • Team of dedicated business advisors
  • Suite of resources to help you thrive
  • Free Continuing Education opportunities
  • Backup Generic Rx purchasing with Pharmacy Select

IPC as Secondary Wholesaler

  • Additional pricing option
  • Access to Generic & Brand Rx
  • Next-day delivery
  • Access to Warehouse purchasing tool

Running your own pharmacy is hard. We know that and are here to help you. Listen to what your fellow pharmacists have to say.

Cliff Holt

Hurricane Family Pharmacy
Hurricane, UT

Jitesh Zala

West Alondra Medical Pharmacy
Compton, CA

“With their expertise and guidance, they’re really helping me make good decisions. If I need help, I know where to go. It’s like they’re offering the same personal service that we’re offering to our customers.”
Bill and Sharon Drilling, Drilling Pharmacy

We Share Profits With You

IPC is unique in the marketplace in that we make yearly profit distributions back to members with patronage dividends. Each year, IPC’s Board of Directors approves a payout of yearly cooperative income, which is distributed to members in two components:

  1. Cash payout
  2. Retained equity payout

IPC pays the cash portion of the current year’s patronage along with the board-authorized release of any prior year(s) retained equity.

Independent Pharmacy Cooperative Programs

Buy Generic, Save on Brand You’ve got the EDGE with IPC

Comprehensive Backup Contract with Access to Over 8,300 Products

Your Complete DSCSA Compliance Solution

vendor advantage network

Access to Discounts and Specials from 30+ Vendors

OTC Advantage

Access to 1100+ OTC/General
Merchandise products

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Independent Pharmacy Cooperative is uniquely positioned to serve you as a Cooperative or secondary pharmaceutical wholesaler. No matter your business needs, we are here for you.

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