Digital Health for Independent Pharmacies

Leading Independent Pharmacy into the Future!

For over 40 years IPC has been committed to the success of independent pharmacies just like yours. With each of our buying group members we help them take control of their business to create a more predictable path to success.

One critical path we are offering our members in 2024 is to future-ready your pharmacy with Digital Health, powered by IPC.

What does it mean to future-ready your pharmacy with Digital Health?

With our Digital Health platform, you can take the lead and be in control of your own destiny. You choose to discard the status quo and shift the paradigm of how your community views your pharmacy. Truly move into being the healthcare destination you always wanted to be.

Now you have the certainty and clarity of exactly how to do it.

IPC is answering the call to support our members with a pharmacy-driven telehealth solution for you and your patients.

Empower Patients While Improving Your Business

Here are a few of the ways in which pharmacists can benefit from promoting telehealth services through iCare+:

IPC Digital Health - Future-Proofing Independent Pharmacy
iCare Plus - Future-Proofing Independent Pharmacy

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