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Independent pharmacies, community pharmacies, have been fighting an uphill battle for years to be recognized as the most accessible healthcare provider. Every day pharmacists deliver high-quality, impactful healthcare solutions. Improved reimbursements, provider status, PBM reform, and payments for clinical services provided at the pharmacy are a few of the impacts that IPC members have been asking for. The IPC Government Relations team leverages their collective 75 years to make positive change happen.

Why do I need to join a buying group that has Government Relations?

Joining a buying group is an important decision for your business, whether you are just starting out, in the middle of growing your organization, or preparing for your successor and looking to leave a legacy. The answer to why it is important to have Government Relations as a part of your buying group is threefold:

  1. Your business growth depends on it – without an eye, ear and voice in the legislative process you leave the future of your business to chance.
  2. We can make an impact in numbers – IPC is the largest buying group in the nation and together we can make a big impact with our collective voice.
  3. The pharmacy industry is changing on many levels – technology, new services, new therapies, and laws in regulations. Don’t leave out a critical component to understanding the future of pharmacy.
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How does the IPC Government Relations team work for me?

John Covello, Director of Government Relations, with the health professional staff for Sen. David Perdue R GA

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How does Government Relations impact my pharmacy?

Government relations and grassroots advocacy directly affects your bottom line. Over the past ten years we have been instrumental in having over 70 laws and regulations enacted that directly affect you, your reimbursements, and the services you can get paid for.

For example, in 2023 we joined forces with the Ohio Pharmacists Association (OPA) and other Ohio pharmacy groups to influence the final Ohio 2024-2025 state budget, resulting in a 5.7% increase in the Ohio Medicaid managed care single PBM professional dispensing fee.

What can I do to get involved with Government Relations for independent pharmacy?

Making an impact at the local, state and federal levels requires all of us to play our part. The IPC Government Relations team will stay on top of the legislation being drafted and discussed and when the time comes, we will email you to let you know it is your turn to step up and be heard. We will make sure you have the necessary information and templates so you can reach out easily to your legislators and be counted in the discussion.

Chances are, you are too busy for advocacy. Let us do it for you. Take it from Bilal.

Bilal Salim

Holland Discount Pharmacy
Holland, OH

Government Relations Team

Mark Kinney, Senior Vice President of Government Relations

Mark Kinney

Senior Vice President of Government Relations

A seasoned senior health care executive, bringing 25 years of state and federal legislative expertise to his role, Mark is a registered lobbyist in Washington D.C. and formerly registered in Colorado, Wyoming, and Wisconsin. He has contributed significantly to vital issues such as DIR reform, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, Tele-Pharm, DSCSA requirements, 503A and 503B drug compounding. His impactful leadership has extended to roles on the National Community Pharmacist Association’s (NCPA) Steering Committee and is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Federation of Pharmacy Networks (FPN).

 John Covello, Director of Government Relations

John Covello

Director of Government Relations

He uses over 35 years of federal, state and local government and lobbying experience to focus his efforts on state and national independent pharmacy issues, including patient choice, audit reform and MAC transparency and Medicaid managed care.

 Jim Driscoll, Government Relations Consultant

Jim Driscoll


Jim Driscoll focuses his state affairs efforts for IPC on community pharmacy issues, including Medicaid reimbursement, unfair audit requirements and PBM transparency. Driscoll targets individual state concerns and provides assistance for the passage of pro independent pharmacy legislation relating to these topics.

Forbes Tate, Government Relations Consultants

Forbes Tate


IPC works with Forbes Tate Partners to leverage their expertise as we advocate for our members at the state and federal level. Their culture and personality as a firm is a rarity in Washington, DC and we are proud to work with them.

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