Warehouse Edge

Your Brand Advantage

We know you are looking for quick and easy ways to save on all your Rx purchases.

Enter, Warehouse EDGE (WE). WE takes the stress out of your day by bringing you all of our exceptional Rx savings opportunities at once. WE allows you to take advantage of our everyday low pricing and our competitive everyday Brand Rx pricing. Purchase enough Generic Rx to achieve Bronze, Silver, or Gold status and unlock an additional 0.5% savings on Brand Rx (automatically unlocks the next day and is available through the following month).

IPC has made it easy to view your status by showing your Generic Rx and Brand Rx purchasing levels on the ordering page of www.ipcrx.com. As you order, you can see the amount of Generic Rx needed to reach your next status level and the amount of Brand Rx you have left to purchase at the WE discount rate.


Generic Rx Purchases


Brand Rx
Savings Opportunity*

Up to $50,000


Generic Rx Purchases


Brand Rx
Savings Opportunity*

Up to $100,000


Generic Rx Purchases

Maintain a 6% GCR**

Brand Rx
Savings Opportunity*

Over $100,000

You’ve got the EDGE
with the IPC warehouse!

Warehouse Edge

*Subject to IPC credit terms and conditions.
**GCR = Generic Purchases / Total Rx Purchases

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