Diabetic Supplies Free Meter Offer

Buy three boxes of test strips (either Easy Touch or HealthPro Diabetic Testing Supplies) and get a free meter!

Mason Vitamins

More than 400 skus of popular vitamins and supplements available! Get started and receive a free vitamin set!

Lil’ Drug Store Countertop Display

Small footprint display arrives fully stocked with 144 trail size brand favorites perfect for placing near a register to increase impulse purchases.

Hallmark Greeting Cards

Boost front-end traffic by offering a great selection of greeting cards and other personal expression products.

Trial Size Display Unit

Cater to travelling customers all year long with IPC’s fully-stocked destination station travel size display unit!

IPC Solutions

Curad 2 ft. Planogram
Popular first aid items

Fire Countertop Spin Rack
Convenient Beauty Accessory Display

MobilEssentials Charging Products
Made for iPod, iPhone, and iPad

IPC Annual Business Meeting
IPC President & CEO, Don Anderson, addresses the crowd at the IPC Annual Business Meeting during McKesson ideaShare 2017 in New Orleans, LA.