IPC Member Benefits
IPC has frequent Rx promotions for brand and generic items. Members can login to check out all the great deals available now on Rx products. Watch for weekly featured specials.

Brand Rx

IPC is proud to present the top Rx sellers through its distribution facility. Brand Rx is available at cost -3.00% or better every day.

Tuesday Top 20

Each week IPC features new generic items available in limited quantities at significant savings. These popular items are available at these amazingly low prices for 1 week or until they sell out or they are gone. As an added bonus, IPC now offers additional generic and brand savings on our Tuesday Top 20 list. Special items are available to order in the Rx Advantage catalog at www.ipcrx.com. Login today and select the Tuesday 20 tab to view the specials available this week!

Generic Manufacturer Reward (GMR)

IPC partners with popular generic manufacturers to bring you huge savings! Watch for the opportunity to earn an additional GMR rebate on products from a specific generic manufacturer. Simply order generic Rx items from the featured generic manufacturer during the specified time frame and receive an additional rebate on their featured items in addition to the tier rebate available every day.

1st Choice

Additional rebates on popular IPC generic items can be yours if you increase your average monthly purchases. Earn a 5% or as much as a 10% additional rebate each month!

PEG Power Buys

PEG Power Buys deliver extreme savings on popular generic items to boost your bottom line. Our manufacturer partners realize the value in investing in independent pharmacy and make possible the exceptional pricing you can find in our PEG Power Buy offers. Occasionally, some of these featured items may have shorter than normal dating.

Have questions about these programs? Please contact a local IPC representative.
Tuesday Top 20