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Why Choose IPC as your Buying Group

More Money in Your Independent Pharmacy Every Year

  • With over 2,000 members use our size to your advantage and leverage our McKesson supply agreement.
  • We know cash flow is a challenge, and as a GPO member, you can count our yearly patronage dividend.
  • Our success is your success. When you join IPC, you join the only buying group in the industry that returns 100% of your rebates and 100% of our admin fees to our members.

  • Access to Pharmacy Select where your purchases are treated like McKesson purchases and count towards your GCR & GPR. An average store ordering Pharmacy Select products can save $50,000 per year.
  • Purchasing strategy optimization for independent pharmacy owners
    • Pharmacy owners are always looking to reduce costs, specifically Cost of Goods. A dollar saved goes straight to the bottom line. We work closely with our members to create a purchasing strategy that can directly and positively impact your bottom line. Learn more.

Elevate your Pharmacy with our Vendor Advantage Network

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“If you’re in the pharmacy business, you have to join a buying group or else you’re just not going to make it. So, you might as well join the best one out there and I feel IPC is the best one out there.”

– Dan Fuchs – Dick’s Pharmacy, Twin Falls, ID

Being a pharmacist comes easy to me. Being a business owner does not. How can IPC help me?

I am missing out on opportunities because my pharmacy operations take up too much of my time.

Growth can feel uncertain, and there is a clear path with IPC.

The IPC Warehouse serves over 7,000 stores as a secondary wholesaler

Looking for a secondary cost-effective purchasing option, the IPC Warehouse should be at the top of your list. We’re a free-to-use source offering both generic AND brand, rare as a secondary wholesaler.

Why Choose the IPC Warehouse:

  • Selection: Over 2,000 generics and over 200 brands to choose from.
  • Savings: Quickly and easily find and purchase competitively priced generics and brands through the IPC ordering portal, designed with you, your needs, and your busy schedule in mind.
  • Support: Lean on your IPC representative to be your trusted advisor to support your purchasing needs and delivery in support of your dispensing.
  • Service: Thanks to our outstanding partnership with UPS and FedEx, you’ll get what your patients need the very next day, no matter where you are in the country.
  • Specials: Get the convenience of our weekly specials dropped right into your inbox. Offers you can take advantage of each week to put money back in your pocket.
ipc pharmaceutical warehouse - Future-Proofing Independent Pharmacy
ipc employee packing phramacy order in bag before shipping

“We often turn to IPC to see if prices are a lot better and a lot of times they are. Even with brands, sometimes they’re even cheaper. The benefit to buying brands from IPC is that you can shift your brand ratio to IPC and it doesn’t count against you.”

– Jenny Dang – One Pharmacy, Fountain Valley, CA

Leading Independent Pharmacy into the Future!

Future-ready Your Pharmacy

The most critical path as we move into 2024 is to future-ready your independent pharmacy.


(fyü-chər ‘re-dē)

Synonyms of Future-ready: taking the lead, in control of one’s destiny, discarding the status quo, shifting your paradigm to create success in your pharmacy.


  1. Taking action today to ensure my pharmacy business is sustainable in 2024 and beyond.


  1. Clarity about the challenges I face today and what I need to do to lead my team and my business tomorrow.

Future-ready your independent pharmacy with innovative solutions

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