Investing in Future-Proofing Community Pharmacy

IPC 2023 Year in Review: Investments in future-proofing community pharmacies

As we bid farewell to a remarkable year, the Independent Pharmacy Cooperative (IPC) is proud to reflect on the many accomplishments that have shaped our journey in 2023. Based on your feedback, IPC has taken several steps toward future-proofing independent pharmacy. From innovative website enhancements to transformative warehouse optimizations and groundbreaking digital health initiatives, this year has been a testament to our commitment to empowering independent pharmacies.

Celebrating 40 Years of Independent Pharmacy Cooperative:

IPC proudly commemorates four decades of unwavering dedication and excellence to independent pharmacy. Over the past 40 years, IPC has been at the forefront of championing the unique needs and aspirations of community pharmacies, fostering a legacy that resonates with resilience, innovation, and unparalleled commitment. Over these four decades, IPC has transformed into a full-service cooperative, passionately advocating to level the playing field for independent pharmacies within the industry. From navigating challenges to championing comprehensive solutions, IPC has remained dedicated to empowering community pharmacies. With gratitude for the trust of independent pharmacy owners, we commemorate our legacy of success, blending resilience, innovation, and an unyielding commitment to fostering the growth of you, our members.

Investing in Digital Innovation:

IPC Digital Health - Future-Proofing Independent Pharmacy
iCare Plus - Future-Proofing Independent Pharmacy

Investing in People

Top Work Places 2021 Award - Wisconsin State Journal -
Top Work Places 2022 Award - Wisconsin State Journal -
Top Work Places 2023 Award - Distribution Industry - Wisconsin State Journal -
Top Work Places 2023 Award - Compensation & Benefits - Wisconsin State Journal -
Top Work Places 2023 Award - Work-Life Flexibility - Wisconsin State Journal -

IPC has been awarded prestigious recognitions, including Top Workplaces in Distribution, Compensation & Benefits, and Work-Life Flexibility, IPC takes immense pride in its legacy of being a top place to work. These efforts collectively underscore IPC’s comprehensive approach to employee development, reflecting a vision for a thriving future for both its workforce and the independent pharmacy community.

Investing in Operations

warehouse employee packing boxes - free shipping

As we celebrate these milestones, we extend our gratitude to you, our members, partners, and the entire IPC community for your staunch support. The journey of 2023 has been transformative, setting the stage for even greater achievements in the years to come. Together, we continue to build a future where independent pharmacies thrive, supported by the innovation, dedication, and community spirit that define the Independent Pharmacy Cooperative. Cheers to a year of excellence and to many more successes on the horizon!