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For over 40 years, IPC has advocated for and encouraged independent pharmacy ownership. To further support our long-standing mission, IPC has joined forces with RxOwnership to ensure you achieve your ownership goals, whether you’re opening your first pharmacy, buying an additional pharmacy, or selling one.

What’s more, there’s no fee, no obligation, and no contracts to sign.

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Opening Your First Pharmacy

The idea of opening your first pharmacy can be overwhelming. RxOwnership guides you every step of the way, offering practical advice and confidential support to help you:

  • Understand your options
  • Find the information you need about the process
  • Identify the best financing for you
  • Identify potential locations
  • Align with the right buying group

Once you’re up and running, IPC’s trusted advisors will help you develop and maintain an effective purchasing strategy to enhance your profits, setting you up for future growth.

Buying an Additional Pharmacy

You own one store and you feel you’re ready to add another. RxOwnership guides you here, too, helping you evaluate of a range of criteria that includes:

  • Availability of existing pharmacies or physical properties that fit where you want to be
  • Financing options
  • Personal interests and goals for the future
  • Competition both in the region and from web-based or mail alternative distribution

IPC’s business advisors will be there before this big step and long after, helping you launch strategies and solutions to further your business growth.

Looking to Retire and Leave a Legacy

The next phase of your life has arrived. You’ve dedicated your professional life to independent pharmacy and it’s important to you that it lives on after you’ve handed over the keys. RxOwnership not only matches you with buyers who have the same passion you do, but also helps you:

  • Map out a plan for succession
  • Be prepared for an emergency or change in the local economy
  • Protect your employees
  • Avoid a quick sell-off to a chain
  • Suggest finance options for the potential buyer

As you ramp up to that landmark moment, IPC’s trusted advisors will help you put more money in your pocket to improve the valuation of your pharmacy to attract the best offer.

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