Navigating the Future of Pharmacy: IPC Pharmacy Services Sits Down with Health Mart Atlas

In this exclusive webinar Kelli Stovall Vice President of Pharmacy Services and Samantha Pomeroy Director of Pharmacy Services engage with experts from Health Mart Atlas to delve into the transformative changes set to unfold in 2024 and beyond. This dynamic session covers crucial topics shaping the landscape of independent pharmacies, ensuring you are well-prepared for what lies ahead.

Key Discussion Points:

  • 2024 Reimbursements: Gain insights into what Health Mart Atlas sees with 2024 reimbursements.
  • GLP-1 Billing: Explore the latest updates and best practices in GLP-1 billing, ensuring compliance and efficiency in your pharmacy operations.
  • CareMark 2025 Cost + Model: Understand the implications of the CareMark 2025 Cost + Model and how it will impact independent pharmacies. Discover proactive measures to adapt and succeed in this evolving environment.
  • Resources at Uncover the wealth of resources available at, providing you with essential tools, information, and support to navigate the challenges and opportunities in the pharmacy industry.

Presented by:

Independent Pharmacy Cooperative

Kelli Stovall

Kelli Stovall

Vice President of Pharmacy Services

Kelli Stovall serves as Vice President of Pharmacy Services. As a pharmacist, Kelli brings over two decades of experience in community pharmacy management and community-driven enhanced clinical services. She works diligently to facilitate the growth of revenue-producing opportunities for our membership. Kelli leads our Pharmacy Services team in its mission to empower independent pharmacy business owners through member advocacy, education, and independent pharmacy business consultations.

Samantha Pomeroy

Samantha Pomeroy

Director of Pharmacy Services

Samantha Pomeroy serves as a Director of Pharmacy Services. She works diligently to support our membership in identifying and implementing new business solutions to help them practice at the top of their profession. Having worked as a Director of Operations and Certified Pharmacy Technician for over 18 years in community pharmacy, she has seen firsthand the struggles that pharmacies face and has a passion for helping them succeed.

McKesson Health Mart Atlas

Emily Flaugher

Senior Director Payer Engagement

Emily has a degree from Ohio Northern University in Pharmaceutical Business. Emily has worked for McKesson for twelve years in various roles all focused in the managed care area. Emily has led the Payer Engagement team since 2019 overseeing the contract strategy for Health Mart Atlas. In this role, Emily and her team maintain and grow relationships with PBMs and Payers to manage and expand the contract portfolio offering to participating pharmacies. In addition to contract management and execution, Emily and her team create resources to provide transparency to pharmacy customers on the details of the contract requirements and reimbursement terms, along with enhancing the interactive/digital offerings to provide an enhanced level of education and information for pharmacies to optimize their business.

James Williams

HMA Senior Manager

James Williams is the HMA Senior Manager providing dedicated support to IPC member pharmacies and leading the team of Account Managers supporting our Community Pharmacy, Strategic Accounts and Health Systems segments. He has been supporting pharmacy for over 10 years with McKesson and strives to ensure that our pharmacies have the support and resources they need to be successful in servicing patients in their communities.

Natalie Day

Pharmacy Engagement Specialist

Natalie Day is a Pharmacy Engagement Specialist dedicated to serving IPC member pharmacies. She is a fierce advocate for all things relating to independent pharmacy. She specializes in helping pharmacists understand their contracting through detailed contract reviews and how to capitalize on the options available to them to stay profitable, in business, and serving their communities.