Merchandising in Community Pharmacy

Published On: June 28, 2022|Categories: Blog, Pharmacy Services|

How much thought have you put into merchandising at your pharmacy?

Before you answer that, let’s talk about what merchandising even is.

The 5 Rights of Merchandising is about selling the right product to the right people at the right time in the right way at the right price.

Father and daughter checking out at store

Merchandising isn’t just about one thing. It’s about five things.

In the book, Pharmacy Management: Essentials for All Practice Settings, Edward Cohen writes, “Customers want pharmacies that are convenient, well organized, and in supply of the goods and services they desire when they need them. Pharmacies that frustrate, disappoint, or waste consumer time searching for items will not be patronized.”

Now that we’ve established the 5 Rights, let’s explore the different types of merchandising, all of which play a different role in the overall merchandising of your pharmacy. Again, we’re sticking with the number five.

Laying it All Out

The way your pharmacy is laid out plays a role in the visual merchandising and overall feel of your store.

When it comes to the layout of your store there are many different options and types of layouts. You can easily find examples and tips for all of them by looking it up. This article from is a great place to start.

“Depending on factors like the size of the store and the nature of products that you sell, a store might benefit from some layouts more than others,” the article states.

There are quite a few different layout options, and you want to try and find the one that will work the best for your store.

Judging a Book by Its Cover

Photo of a pharmacy storefront

A clean and inviting storefront can make a great first impression.

Another aspect of merchandising that not everyone thinks of is the exterior of your store. You want customers to feel welcomed by the exterior, as it is one of the first things they see.

Having too much clutter and not enough storefront appeal can easily turn customers away from coming into your pharmacy. You may not have free reign over your exterior based on where you are located but don’t be afraid to get creative and unique!

Be Trendy

Merchandising is one of those things that is ever-changing, and your pharmacy needs to be able to change with it. You should pay attention to what other pharmacies are doing, the current trends, including seasonal trends to maximize your pharmacy’s merchandising success.

The Element of Surprise

Pharmacy OTC Displays

Keeping displays fresh helps keep customers excited about what you have to offer.

You also want to ensure that you’re not just copying what those around you are doing. To have the most impact your store should have something unique to set it apart from other pharmacies.

Whether it be highlighting different seasonal items, having big displays for certain products, or even just changing displays often. Having something that surprises customers and has that wow factor will keep customers coming back for more.

Gabe Trahan, the senior Director of Store Operations and Marketing for NCPA says, “Look alive and prosperous! You wouldn’t do business with a bank that looks like they’re struggling, and a customer will not choose a pharmacy that looks like it’s trapped in time and barely hanging on.” –

If you follow the advice above and the tips below, you shouldn’t have to worry about customers not choosing your pharmacy because of the way it looks.

4 (Not 5) Final Tips for Merchandising in Your Pharmacy

  1. Stand Out
  2. Stay Current
  3. Plan your displays in advance
  4. Know your customers

Closing Thoughts

Don’t go too overboard on the merchandising, you still want your pharmacy to have a healthcare focus. However, having competitive sales and promotions and being a visually appealing store is a deciding factor for the return of customers.