5 Cash Pay Patient Opportunities You Can Implement this Month

Are you content with simply managing your pharmacy, or is your desire to see it thrive? You’ve invested considerable time in your team, workflows, and meticulous procedural adherence. As we navigate the challenges of the 2024 landscape, particularly the ongoing DIR Hangover, it’s imperative to swiftly address the impact it will have on your pharmacy. To offset the impact of the DIR Hangover, you need to take immediate steps to introduce cash pay products and services, infusing non-PBM and non-dispensing revenue into your bottom line. Let’s dive into five specific areas where IPC presents innovative solutions to elevate your cash pay opportunities.

Affordable Medications for Type 2 Diabetes Patients

BRENZAVVY (bexagliflozin) 20mg tablets

Expand Your Reach with Pet Products

Breedwise Pet Provisions
Breedwise pet calming bites bottle in front of dog

Affordable OTC Hearing Aids:

Rxhearing - Reconnect with Life

Hearing loss is a prevailing issue among Americans, impacting a sizable portion of the population. Approximately 91% of US adults over the age of 50 have hearing loss, while only 7% of US adults with hearing loss have ever tried hearing aids. That is a significant market opportunity for your pharmacy.

Athletic and Wellness Solutions:

BIOLYTE “the IV in a bottle”
Mason Natural

Point of Care Testing:

female pharmacist testing male diabetic in pharmacy

Take charge of your pharmacy’s future today. Act now to implement these 5 offers, embracing a diversified approach to growth. By incorporating multiple cash-pay patient products and programs, you’ll not only enhance your bottom line but also become an integral contributor to the well-being of your community. Foster lasting relationships, provide value-added services, and adapt to evolving customer needs for sustained success in the competitive pharmacy landscape. Your journey to growth begins with decisive action – seize it now!

Digital Health: Coming Soon

IPC Digital Health - Future-Proofing Independent Pharmacy
iCare Plus - Future-Proofing Independent Pharmacy
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