Cultivating a Top Workplace: Strategies for Success

We’re bursting with pride to announce that IPC has been ranked as one of the country’s top workplaces by USA Today! This remarkable recognition exemplifies our dedication in leadership, innovation, and work-life flexibility within our organization. It’s not just an accolade; it’s a testament to our ongoing commitment to excellence. While we are proud of this achievement, it took diligence and hard work to get to where we are today. Let’s dive deeper into the impact it has had on IPC over the past year and how you can implement similar strategies into your pharmacy.

Our Steps to Helping Us Win Top Workplace:

1. Visionary Leadership

At IPC, we are committed to cultivating visionary leadership that goes beyond mere titles. Our leaders are true visionaries, demonstrating consistent success and possessing a clear vision for the company’s future, which they effectively communicate to the teams. For example, Marc Essensa, IPC CEO & President, hosts monthly town hall meetings where he reviews departmental statistics and data, highlighting successes and setting goals. Embracing an open-door policy, Marc ensures that this transparency trickles down through the executive leadership team, fostering a culture of openness and collaboration.

Such initiatives not only boost morale but also promote a sense of unity and purpose among our staff. For instance, last September, our Board of Directors joined us for a memorable picnic-style lunch, where Marc and the board shared their successes with the team, further enhancing our sense of belonging and dedication.

You might be wondering how you can instill similar leadership qualities in your pharmacy. The key lies in fostering open communication within your team through regular meetings. By providing a platform to discuss how each team member can positively impact patient care, you empower them to see the value they bring to the company and patient experience. Don’t shy away from vulnerability and honesty—your team will appreciate your transparency, ultimately leading to a stronger company and enhanced patient satisfaction overall.

2. Innovation

As the landscape of community pharmacy evolves rapidly, IPC remains at the forefront, proactively implementing strategies to ensure our members can effectively reach as many patients as possible through our IPC Digital Health & iCare+ programs. You can empower your patients while improving your business and profits simultaneously. Our beta included around 15 pharmacies beginning to implement the technology needed to future-ready their pharmacy to reach a wider community.

Furthermore, IPC is committed to nurturing an innovative culture by establishing Site Action teams dedicated to enhancing processes, structures, and services. These teams are composed of IPC staff to collaborate to identify and implement improvements that benefit everyone involved. By fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement, we empower our members to thrive in an ever-changing healthcare landscape.

IPC Executives Marc Essensa (President and CEO), Devin Millard (CFO) and Michelle Johnson (CHRO) sit in as judges at IPC’s Shark Tank style event.

Stuart Miller, Anali Valadez and Laura Gaumont pitch their idea of solar power to the judges.

During one of our town hall meetings, the executive leadership orchestrated a Shark Tank-style event (unrelated to the TV show). This initiative aimed to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit within our IPC staff, urging them to don their thinking caps and collaborate on pitching innovative ideas geared towards cost-saving measures within the company. One notable proposal that won was the installation of solar panels on the warehouse roof, not only to promote sustainability but also to yield long-term financial benefits for the company. This example demonstrates our commitment to environmental responsibility but also serves as a testament to our collective ability to think outside the box and drive positive change within our organization. By fostering such a culture of creativity and forward-thinking, we not only bolster our competitive edge but also nurture a vibrant community of individuals dedicated to keeping our business at the forefront of modernity.

Are you eager to begin integrating innovations into your pharmacy? Engage in discussions with your colleagues, encouraging them to contribute ideas on how to enhance patient care, ultimately leading to improvements in your business operations. Then don’t just stop there, depending on the ideas shared, execute them and see how well it enhances your pharmacy.

3. Work-Life Flexibility:

Work-Life Flexibility encompasses more than just traditional concepts like paid time off (PTO) and holidays. While spending quality time with family and friends undoubtedly contributes to our overall well-being, it’s equally vital to integrate strategies that promote work-life balance within the confines of our daily routines. Incorporating micro breaks throughout the workday, for instance, can be immensely beneficial. These short intervals allow us to momentarily step away from our tasks, recharge our minds, and return with renewed focus and clarity. By embracing such practices, we not only enhance our productivity but also nurture our mental and emotional health. Therefore, fostering work-life flexibility involves not only carving out time for leisure but also integrating small, rejuvenating moments into our professional lives to ensure sustained well-being and performance.

Likewise, amidst the busy days of filling prescriptions, managing operations, and delivering exceptional customer service to your patients, it’s crucial to recognize the importance of brief moments for mental recharge. Being mindful of these opportunities, whether it’s taking a one-minute breather or stepping away from the computer momentarily, can greatly contribute to overall employee wellness.

4. Communication and Transparency:

Transparent communication is the cornerstone of visionary leadership, innovation, and work-life flexibility, all crucial elements in fostering a thriving organizational culture. This principle lies at the heart of IPC’s daily operations, where it plays a pivotal role in building trust and a sense of community. Pharmacy owners can adopt similar strategies to enhance their business environments. Regular staff meetings or town hall gatherings provide opportunities for owners or managers to share updates on operations, policies, and upcoming opportunities, fostering a culture of openness and inclusivity. Encouraging feedback and suggestions from team members promotes collaboration and alignment with common goals, driving innovation and enhancing customer service. To achieve business success and growth, pharmacy owners should prioritize transparent communication as one of the keys to cultivating a positive work environment.

As we reflect on our journey to becoming a top workplace, we recognize that our success is rooted in visionary leadership, innovation, and work-life flexibility. Moving forward, we encourage members like you to adopt similar strategies within your own pharmacy. This helps enhance employee wellness and foster a culture of excellence. And ultimately leads you to become a top workplace in your community.

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