Finding Fulfillment: How IPC Aligned with Stu Miller’s Values

What drew you to IPC?

I have a background in graphic design, but it wasn’t financially sustainable, so I pursued a master’s in business analytics. After working in the insurance industry, I found the job draining and unfulfilling. When we moved to Wisconsin, I wanted to find work that aligned with my values. I started looking into nonprofits and co-ops and came across IPC through a late-night job hunt. The co-op model and its mission resonated with me, especially since my sister is a pharmacist. IPC’s focus on helping smaller communities made it an appealing choice for redirecting my career.

How do you define success?

I define success as our ability to remain competitive in the market while keeping our members and their clientele happy with our pricing. Word of mouth is crucial, and when our members vouch for us, it means we’ve hit the right balance. Seeing sales increase after adjusting prices indicates we’re meeting our members’ needs. Success also means ensuring the company’s stability, which in turn supports and grows our membership, benefiting more small independent pharmacies.

What surprised you about this industry after starting at IPC?

What surprised me most about this industry after starting at IPC was discovering the importance of independent pharmacies. During COVID, I became more community-focused and wanted to move away from the corporate world. I had always associated the pharmaceutical industry with “big pharma” and its negative reputation. However, IPC’s focus on independent pharmacies was eye-opening. I realized how small-town pharmacies face the same challenges as other small businesses competing with giants like CVS and Walgreens. It was surprising and insightful to see this aspect of the industry and its struggles.

What would you do/where would you travel with an extra week of PTO?

If I had an extra week of PTO, I’d love to explore more of Europe, visiting countries I haven’t seen yet. Additionally, I’ve never been to other continents like South America, where I’d want to visit Peru and Brazil to see their landmarks and monuments. Africa intrigues me too, especially places like Kilimanjaro and Egypt’s wonders. Asia would be fascinating as well, particularly Japan and China for their rich cultures. Immersing myself in diverse cultures is something I believe enhances one’s worldview. Alternatively, if I didn’t travel, I’d spend quality time with my kids, possibly taking them to places like the Dells for water parks or engaging in fun experiences they enjoy.

IPC has won Top Workplace for Innovation, Compensation & Benefits, Work-Life Flexibility, and Leadership. Which category resonates with you and why?

For me, the category that resonates most at IPC is work-life flexibility. With two young boys and unpredictable daycare situations, having the flexibility to manage unexpected events is crucial.

If I chose a second category, it would be leadership. Strong leadership sets the tone for innovation, fair compensation, and excellent benefits. I’ve seen IPC’s commitment to these areas firsthand, and it’s clear that effective leadership drives our success as a top workplace. Their vision and direction create a supportive environment where employees can thrive, making a significant difference to our workplace culture and overall satisfaction.

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Stuart Miller

Contract Analyst