A Journey of Growth at IPC with Susan Oechsner

How did your IPC journey lead you to becoming a senior credit analyst?

I started at IPC in 1998 as the sole customer service representative, handling returns, and processing pick tickets for the warehouse. My role included calling customers for COD (Cash on Delivery) payments. Over time, I began assisting with accounts receivable, making calls to customers who were past due. There wasn’t a dedicated credit position back then, but after a departmental reorganization, a credit coordinator position was created for me. My supervisor, Devin, mentored me in managing credit, teaching me how to obtain financial statements and handle credit requests. My customer service skills were a great asset in this role. I also attended seminars on credit and collections to improve my skills. In 2016, I was promoted to Senior Credit Analyst, overseeing credit approvals, collections, and developing guidelines for processing applications. Throughout my journey, I’ve always worked closely with other departments, ensuring seamless service for our members.

What’s a fun fact that not many people know?

My husband and I love supporting local music and enjoy listening to live bands. We believe in keeping local music alive by attending blues festivals and open mic nights. In my spare time, I take care of my pollinator garden, where I grow herbs and native perennials to attract bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies. I also enjoy taking beautiful walks along the trails too.

Do you have a favorite IPC project you’ve worked on recently? How has that been rewarding?

IPC has won Top Workplace for Innovation, Compensation & Benefits, Work-Life Flexibility, and Leadership. Which category resonates with you and why?

Employee Spotlight:

susan oechsner, IPC Sr. Credit Analyst

Susan Oechsner

Sr. Credit Analyst