Shannon’s Inspirational Journey in Pharmacy and Impact at IPC

What inspired you to pursue a career in pharmacy, and how has that passion evolved over the course of your professional journey?

Growing up, I witnessed the struggles of my family’s struggle to make ends meet, inspiring my search for a fulfilling career. As a traveling military spouse, I volunteered extensively in healthcare settings, realizing my passion for patient care. Transitioning to a part-time role as a cashier in a local pharmacy, I found joy in connecting with patients, prioritizing their stories and needs. Putting the patient first in everything I do remains my #1 purpose and that will never change.

Moreover, obtaining my Advanced PTCB Certification empowered me to excel as a retail pharmacy technician. Trusted by pharmacists, I delivered customer service beyond typical technician capabilities.

What aspects of your job do you find most fulfilling, and how do you stay motivated?

Being able to consistently learn new things, then pass that information on to others has been the most rewarding. The healthcare field is ever evolving and the amount of knowledge there is to pass around keeps me motivated. I love to teach, so as long as there is a new topic to learn, everyone around me is going to know about it as well! My excitement can be infectious so watch out!

Since you’ve joined IPC, what skills have you brought to your team to help bring the Vendor Advantage Program to life and to IPC in general?

When you’re not working, what things do you like to do to relax and recharge?

Employee Spotlight:

shannon battle

Shannon Battle

Pharmacy Services Manager