Independent Pharmacy Growth and Succession Planning

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Growth can feel uncertain, and there is a clear path with IPC.

You have been in business for years now and you have been riding the industry roller coaster. The next few years are important as there is a clear opportunity for you to create the profitable pharmacy business you want and need. The first step is to find the right partner with a proven track record in growth and succession planning, to stand by your side as you take these next steps.

Our IPC experts will work with you to understand both ends of your business, revenue and expenses, to get the clarity you need around the profitability of your business.

As the largest buying group we have the unique advantage to put our size to work for you to grow your business. We will work together to understand your metrics, what is uniquely driving your business, and what is holding you back. Together we will create a roadmap that works for your pharmacy, support your unique growth plan with analysis, strategy, tactics, and partners you can lean on for support.

Need more? As a member of the IPC buying group, we give back 100% of your rebates and 100% of your admin fees, putting an added layer of cash and profit into your business every year.

Selling Your Pharmacy starts with succession planning, and IPC is the right partner to get you to your destination.

Whether you are selling to a current staff member, a family member or a chain, there are steps you can take to prepare and optimize for the transfer. With IPC experts, the supply agreement we can offer and the partners we bring to the table, we can ensure you are prepared for the sale of your pharmacy.

We focus on four key aspects: cost of goods reduction, rebate optimization, adding new patients, and increasing the services you offer (higher margin revenue) to put your business on stable and profitable footing.

My store has been in my family for generations, and it is time to pass the torch to the next generation.

If your store has been in business for generations, you must be doing something right. The pharmacy industry, however, is constantly changing and while you have changed with the times, the complexity of pharmacy has increased exponentially. It is imperative that you are aligned with the right team to support as you transition your store to the next generation. Even knowing who is taking over the store next, the transition of ownership is an opportunity to set up your family for the future.

IPC has the breadth of resources, partners, and expertise to support this transition and ensure the success of your store for generations to come.

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Why IPC as your buying group is integral to your succession planning strategy as you add stores to your business?

After careful consideration, over 2,000 pharmacies have chosen to partner with IPC as their buying group, many in growth mode like you. Enjoy numerous advantages that IPC members can leverage for both buying power and enhanced pharmacy operations over other buying groups. Here are just a few:

  • 100% of your rebates and admin fees are returned to you.
  • Earn equity – you also earn back your portion of the profits from the cooperative.
  • An elite team of pharmacy experts at your disposal to help with all your business needs.
  • Leverage the IPC Warehouse as your secondary wholesaler so you can stay compliant and optimize your purchasing strategy.
  • Member owned cooperative – you run your own business and can trust that owners like you are guiding IPC as elected board members.
  • Federal, state, and local advocacy – we are working for you to advance independent pharmacy with policymakers.
  • Grand Opening Marketing Kit – we provide you with a comprehensive marketing kit to celebrate your Grand Opening including giveaways, raffle prizes, postcards, and much more.

The list of value goes on beyond these items listed, which is why we invite you to connect with us to learn how IPC can support your growth and store acquisition strategy.

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