Improve my Pharmacy Operations

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Taking control of your pharmacy operations is within reach.

Today is the day you start to spend focused time out of the daily whirlwind improving pharmacy operations. Your business needs your focus and so does your team. Begin by focusing on the things that will impact you the most, tackle that one, and then see what needs your attention next.

Your biggest costs are your Cost of Goods and your payroll. With IPC as your buying group, we work side by side with you to understand your supply agreement, the tools you have at your disposal to manage your Cost of Goods and develop a purchasing strategy that meets your unique blend of patients.

With a proper purchasing strategy in place, you will improve the predictability of your profits and get back time to turn your focus towards important business growth strategies.

I am missing out on opportunities because my pharmacy operations take up too much of my time.

Whether you have one store or ten stores, creating some structure for how your pharmacy operations run is imperative for your business.

IPC purchasing strategies focus on both optimizing your costs and your time. Teach your team the right strategy and the right metrics and give them the responsibility to deliver.

I need to add more pharmacy services for my patients.

The recent pandemic was the opportunity we were waiting for to show everyone that we can be that critical, accessible healthcare destination that patients need. It is important to take advantage of the opportunity at hand and add more services and value to improve patient health. What do I do next? Should I add something I am not doing or expand a current service? It feels like my team is maxed out; how do we add more?

Your patient population is unique and having worked with over 2,000 pharmacies across the country we have the programs, partners, expertise, and experience to guide you through these pharmacy operations and team decisions. Partner with IPC and see your team flourish and your community thrive.

Ready to Get Started?

Why IPC as your buying group is integral to your succession planning strategy as you add stores to your business?

After careful consideration, over 2,000 pharmacies have chosen to partner with IPC as their buying group, many in growth mode like you. Enjoy numerous advantages that IPC members can leverage for both buying power and enhanced pharmacy operations over other buying groups. Here are just a few:

  • 100% of your rebates and admin fees are returned to you.
  • Earn equity – you also earn back your portion of the profits from the cooperative.
  • An elite team of pharmacy experts at your disposal to help with all your business needs.
  • Leverage the IPC Warehouse as your secondary wholesaler so you can stay compliant and optimize your purchasing strategy.
  • Member owned cooperative – you run your own business and can trust that owners like you are guiding IPC as elected board members.
  • Federal, state, and local advocacy – we are working for you to advance independent pharmacy with policymakers.
  • Grand Opening Marketing Kit – we provide you with a comprehensive marketing kit to celebrate your Grand Opening including giveaways, raffle prizes, postcards, and much more.

The list of value goes on beyond these items listed, which is why we invite you to connect with us to learn how IPC can support your growth and store acquisition strategy.

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