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  • FTC Chair Lina Kahn

    FTC Launches an Inquiry – PBMs Put on Notice

    Published On: June 16, 2022|

    The FTC has announced an investigation into the practices of PBMs after more than 24,000 comments were submitted to the agency.

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  • FTC Comment Period

    Published On: June 7, 2022|

    Earlier this month the FTC extended the deadline for submitting comments on the practices of Pharmacy Benefit Managers.

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  • White House Works to Ensure High-Risk People Get Vaccinated

    Published On: March 9, 2021|

    The effort from the Biden Administration aims to use health insurers to ensure the available vaccines are distributed equitably. The initiative to deliver the vaccine [...]

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  • U.S. to Have Enough Vaccine Supply for All Adults by May

    Published On: March 3, 2021|

    On Tuesday the president said that the U.S. will have enough vaccine supply to vaccinate all adults for the coronavirus by the end of May. [...]

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