Don Coody Pharmacy
Bethany, OK

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It’s All in The Name: Don Coody Pharmacy
Keeping a Namesake Alive

Sometimes all you have is your name, but name and reputation can go a long ware if you take care of them. For 11 years Doug Scheffield has taken care of Don Coody’s name, but providing quality care and customer service at Don Coody Pharmacy in Bethany, OK.

"We wanted to retain his name, because Don was a pharmacist here his whole life"

Prior to owning and operating under the Don Coody name, Doug had spent about 12 years in the pharmacy industry. He was introduced to Don shortly after he decided to go into business with his cousin, Josh Scheffield.

“We wanted to retain his name, because Don was a pharmacist here his whole life,” Doug said. “I believe at one time or another he’s owned 22 to 23 different stores. Don has a really good name and we wanted to keep his namesake going and by using his name for the pharmacy and he allowed us to do that.”

According to Doug, Don was happy to see his name continue on after having worked so hard to build it up. Doug was happy to be able to keep the name that had meant so much to the previous owner and still means a lot to the community.

“After he got to know us and know what kind of people we are and see what we wanted to do with the place to make it better and not just ride coat tails, he was all for it,” Doug said. “Don still comes through, we still see him from time to time.”

When he does, he comes through the pharmacy to chat and will joke about products that he started carrying still on the shelves.

“He says ’You should be paying me royalties for this.’” Doug said.

The pharmacy is nestled in a tight knit community just outside of Oklahoma City. According to Doug, everyone knows everyone there and he has the privilege of taking care of multiple generations of families. His customers know him well too, and often notice if he isn’t in.

“I get more heck for being away from here, when I’m gone,” Doug said. “They’re here one day a month and if I miss that one day a month, they let me hear about it.”

“You know what’s going on with them, you know what’s going on in their family lives. That’s what the small-town feel is all about."

Doug enjoys these fun interactions with the members of his community. For him, the interactions with people are much better than those from his experiences in big chain retail. He enjoys the many personal relationships he has with the community and he says that’s what people want.

“You’re not selling so much a product anymore, you’re selling a service, taking care of their family,” Doug said. “You know what’s going on with them, you know what’s going on in their family lives. That’s what the small-town feel is all about. People care about that.”

That isn’t to say Doug doesn’t provide services beyond a friendly chat, wink and a smile.

“The main service we provide is through our compounding pharmacy,” Doug said. “We also have a hormone doctor in our clinic, and we see a ton of hormone patients and so we take care of a lot of different needs.”

There are other services they could provide, but it would overlap with the clinic who rents space from them. They have, however, worked out which services the clinic may not be best suited to offer, like the shingles vaccine.

“It’s been a really good balance, they’re super easy to deal with,” Doug said.

And because of their proximity and relationship, it’s easy for Doug to just walk down the hall to ask questions to take care of patients quickly.

“I get answers pretty instantaneously, so it makes it pretty nice,” Doug said.

He had similar feelings about IPC, saying, “IPC is wonderful, the selection of medications that they have, and the customer service that I receive from them is great. Michael Monfre is my rep and any time I’ve had an issue or a problem he’s a phone call away and it’s been awesome having someone that can work with you very closely, knows your business and can help out and he’s been great at doing that.”

Up next for Doug and Don Coody Pharmacy is a move to a new location were they will expand their front-end and start offering deliveries.

“We’ve never really had to offer deliveries, but when we move over to our new building it’s something we can expand on to take care of a larger area of people. Keeping our same customer base and hopefully adding on to that customer base,” Doug said.