IPC Members Persevere Through Crises

In the past few weeks at least 14 IPC members have experienced looting and other damage to their stores during protests. At least one store has been burned to the ground.

Damage due to break-ins and looting has impacted member stores’ ability to serve their communities and provide healthcare during a pandemic that continues to have a significant impact across the country.

In St. Paul, Minnesota where Lloyd’s Pharmacy was burned to the ground, the community has rallied to the aid of owner, Jim Stage. Over $63,000 has been raised by loyal customers and other community members to help his pharmacy recover. Stage told press in St. Paul that he has plans to rebuild the pharmacy. In the meantime, he will continue serving customers through his other store, Setzer Pharmacy. He also plans to open a temporary satellite pharmacy, just a few buildings down from the location of Lloyd’s Pharmacy.

Despite experiencing looting and damage, some stores continue to operate and serve their communities.

200 Pharmacy, owned by IPC member Sherman White, on the south side of Chicago is helping to fill gaps in care as major chains close during protests. White is working to deliver prescriptions for chronic illnesses like high blood pressure and diabetes. He has also partnered with local organizations to help patients afford their prescriptions and provide them with transportation during the pandemic.

We support our members and are proud to see them press on and serve their patients in the face of looting, damage, and a pandemic that continues to spread.

Other members affected by civil unrest include:

  • Spectrum Pharmacy – Long Beach, CA
  • Super Discount Pharmacy – Van Nuys, CA
  • Organic Chemists Pharmacy – Astoria, NY
  • Banadir Pharmacy – Minneapolis, MN
  • Seward Pharmacy – Minneapolis,MN
  • Elements Pharmacy – Minneapolis, MN
  • M and R Prescription Center – Chicago, IL
  • Garcia Pharmacy – Studio City, CA
  • Black Rock Pharmacy – Fairfield, CT
  • Vermillions Drug 3 – Long Beach, CA
  • Family Pharmacy – Long Beach, CA
  • Jerome Drugs – Bronx, NY
  • Blackrock Pharmacy – Buffalo, NY
  • New Oakland Pharmacy Group (Four stores) – California
  • Sterling Pharmacy – Washington D.C.
  • Patriot Pharmacy – Philadelphia, PA
  • 986 Pharmacy – Van Nuys, CA