Daniel Pharmacy
Fort Dodge, Iowa

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Daniel Pharmacy Opened in 1963 as a Family Business and Continues that Tradition Today

Daniel Pharmacy opened in 1963 and has continuously been committed to providing superior healthcare to residents of Fort Dodge and the surrounding areas. In 2000, the pharmacy expanded to include a Script-Pro robot, which adds automation, efficiency, and greater patient safety to the pharmacy. While they focus on high quality prescription services, they also provide on-site compounding services, home healthcare aides, diabetic supplies and footwear, therapeutic hose, and respiratory supplies. They offer many services for the customer’s convenience including delivery, mail order, basic health screenings and education, flu shots, and more.

IPC recently spoke with owner and pharmacist, John Daniel, about the history of the pharmacy and what makes them stand out in the area.  He spoke about how they offer quality service and products, at fair prices, by a well-trained professional staff. Daniel Pharmacy is determined to grow and thrive in the years to come, by offering the most comprehensive healthcare possible. They are prepared to expand and change their business to coincide with the changing needs of the customers.

Five years ago they remodeled the home healthcare and gift department and added the compounding and immunization room. The room is custom built for immunizations and it has a sink, refrigerator and freezer for storing vaccines and other products. John described it as a “very complete unit, decorated nicely.” They are the oldest store in town, surrounded by chains and bigger stores, which is one of the reasons why they continue to focus on opportunities to grow.

In the home health care area they’ve added compression hosiery and they get a lot of referrals from hospitals, specialty clinics, and retirement homes. They get referrals for wraps and other equipment, including lift chairs and scooters.

This year they added the gift department which is run by John’s daughter, Mary Kay, who is an experienced interior designer. The gift shop offers a wide variety of gift items, home décor and accessories. They have candles, diffusers, wine accessories, and much more! John describes his daughter as not only an interior designer but also a “good will ambassador” for the pharmacy.

In the pharmacy department Daniel Pharmacy is fully automated with Script-Pro robots. As John said, “It takes a load off of the techs because the equipment is so accurate and efficient. We do compounding, hospice work, and a lot of immunizations.” They have a five day a week delivery service and continuously add services that they know will be beneficial to their customers.

John stated, “We have great employees. My son is a pharmacist and many of our employees have been with us for quite a while.  We are fortunate that most of our key people stay with us. We have a nice profit sharing and retirement plan for our employees that helps them feel more secure.”

When asked about challenges the pharmacy faces, John noted that the biggest concern is insurance companies but they’ve been able to “roll with the punches.” Despite the typical challenges for any independent business, John and his staff keep their focus on the customers and the community. The staff refers to the customers as patients and they are very involved with each patient’s therapy and outcome. John said, “We transition as we need to and we still enjoy coming to work every day. It’s a constant process of upgrading, remodeling and adding things as needed. We are trying to tie everything together as we’ve had to expand into other buildings; we connect them with awnings and signage. We are constantly trying to make the place better and stronger. We’re modern and up-to-date, probably a little ahead of the chain stores.”

John spoke about re-establishing a local organization for independents, which is something the community used to have. However, he prides himself on earning his customer’s trust and loyalty through good service, regardless of their independent status. He wouldn’t expect his customers to stay with him just to support local business in general; instead he wants them to come back because of the outstanding service they receive.  As he stated, “We haven’t lost our pizzazz or our vision throughout the years. We like to earn the business and give the people service they can be happy about and satisfied with. It’s worked out great for us throughout the years.”