IPC Illinois Members: Contact IL House Prescription Drug Affordability Committee members on HB 465 – Prescription Drug Affordability & Accessibility Act Before Wednesday, March 27th 10AM.

Mar 26, 2019

Illinois House Majority Leader Greg Harris is pushing hard for the “Prescription Drug Affordability & Accessibility Act" HB 465, a bill to regulate PBM activities through:

PBM Registration - Currently, PBMs are not the registered by the Department of Insurance and hinders proper state regulatory oversight and accountability.

Pharmacy Gag Clause Bans - Gag Clauses prevent pharmacists from advising patients when lower cost alternatives may be available, including paying the full cash price (which may be cheaper than utilizing the PBM and paying the copay).

Pricing Transparency - PBMs utilize outdated and predatory pricing and reimbursement models – often at below acquisition costs - that undermine a pharmacies ability to maintain sustainable practice.

Data Transparency - Several states are concerned that PBMs are not providing complete and transparent information to government entities. Some states, including Kentucky have passed data transparency requirements for their Managed Medicaid program.

 Majority Leader Harris was instrumental in getting a special committee created on drug pricing this year and needs every IPC member to Email or Call the Illinois House Prescription Drug Affordability Committee members if you are in their district before tomorrow morning’s committee meeting  (10 AM in Room 118 of the Capital in Springfield) to vote YES on HB 465.

To see this major PBM bill get out of the committee, also:

1) File an Electronic Witness Slip in SUPPORT of HB465

  • Click "Proponent"  and "Record of Appearance Only" and list your pharmacy.

2) Contact your Representative and ask for their Support and to Co-Sponsor HB465

Click Here for the Talking Point Sheet. Track the progress of this bill on the IPC Government Relations tab on the IPC website by clicking here.

Questions or Concerns? Contact IPC's Government Relations Team at: GovernmentRelations@ipcrx.com.