IPC CA Members: Urge Your Senator to Support AB 315

Aug 24, 2018

Urge Your Senator to Support AB 315 - Require PBMs Be Regulated By DMHC

We are in the final stages of the legislative process for AB 315 (Wood, Dahle, Nazarian & Stone) which would require that Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) be regulated by the California Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC). Voting will take place as early as Monday, August 27th. 

Some key elements of AB 315 include:

  • Requirement of pharmacists to inform customers at point of sale, whether the retail price is lower than the applicable cost-sharing amount for prescription drugs.
  • Require the pharmacy to submit a claim in the same manner as if the customer had purchased the prescription by paying the cost-sharing amount when submitted by the network pharmacy, if the customer pays the retail price.
  • Prohibit "gag clauses."
  • Require that PBMs disclose specified aggregate information, quarterly and upon request of the health plan purchaser.
  • Require that PBMs disclose whether the PBM has a contract or agreement with a pharmaceutical manufacturer to exclusively dispense, or provide a drug to a purchaser's employees, insureds, or enrollees.
  • Require that PBMs disclose specified information to purchasers, including at least a 30-day advance notice of changes.

We are urging IPC members and all pharmacists in California to contact your State Senator to vote YES on AB 315. Click HERE to contact your State Senator. Your assistance is crucial to ensuring the bill gets sent to the Governor's desk. This is the top priority for the PBMs to defeat this important piece of legislation and they are aggressively lobbying to do so. Your advocacy and support are crucial in preserving the well-being of not just your career, but the profession in relation to the impact from PBMs! 

Questions or Concerns? Contact IPC's Government Relations Team at: GovernmentRelations@ipcrx.com.