Montana Governor Signs PBM Price Transparency Legislation

Apr 03, 2017

Montana becomes only the 4th state to enact a transparent drug-pricing bill

Recently Montana Governor Steve Bullock (D-MT) signed HB 276. With his signature, Montana becomes only the fourth state to enact such sweeping legislation. HB 276 revises reimbursement for pharmacies by addressing price transparency and negative prescription claims from pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). In short, the bill will allow a pharmacy in a network the option to decline to provide drugs or services if they are paid less the cost to acquire the drug.

In addition, HB 276 will allow pharmacists the ability to talk with their patients about the cost and price of their medications. By allowing a more transparent dialogue, patients will be able to make more informed decisions about their healthcare. Pharmacists in turn, will be able to run their business in a more predictable fashion. 

IPC wishes to thank the Montana Pharmacy Association along with a dedicated group of community pharmacy owners who advocated tirelessly on the bills passage. IPC applauds the Governor for signing this pro-small business piece of legislation. 

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