IPC Illinois Members: Support New PBM Reform Legislation for MAC Updates and Pharmacy Audits

Mar 30, 2017
Contact Your Legislator to Co-sponsor Important Independent Pharmacy Protection Bills!

IPC is working with the Illinois Pharmacist Association (ILPhA) to advance two bills in the new Legislative session, regulating pharmacy audit and MAC abuses by the PBM's. Our recent efforts in the last Legislature resulted in bills addressing both issues.

HB 3285 by Reps. Robert Rita (D-28th [Cook County] Representative Marcus C. Evans, Jr. (D-33rd [Cook County]) District/SB 1844 by Sens. Kwame Raoul (D-13th [Cook County] and Patricia Van Pelt (D-5th [Cook County]) to provide pharmacies with audit protections and rights, especially ending recoupment for paperwork technicalities. In addition, it allows medication synchronization of prescriptions by pharmacies.

HB 3572 (Rep. Cynthia Soto (D-4th [Cook County])/SB 1971 (Sens. Omar Aquino (D-2nd [Cook County] and  Jacqueline Y. Collins (D-16th District [Cook County]) to create requirements for generic drug reimbursement updates and appeals.

Most importantly, HB 3285/SB 1844 and HB 3572/SB 1971 would regulate the PBM activities in Illinois in all these areas as health insurance related administrators under Illinois health insurance laws and regulation, enforced by the Illinois Department of Insurance.

IPC and its lobbyist are working hard with ILPhA to get these bills considered in the Illinois Legislature over the next few weeks. A legislative issue hearing in mid-March demonstrated the level of legislative support for reigning in harmful PBM practices.

Please contact your State House Representative and Senator and explain to them the importance of both HB 3285/SB 1844 and HB 3572/SB1971 in being able to serve your patients and your communities. Click HERE to send an email.

Provide them with a few brief examples of how PBM audit abuses and MAC appeal denials harm you and your patients. Ask them to join as a co-sponsor to these bills in their chamber.  If you are in Reps. Robert Rita, Marcus C. Evans Jr., Cynthia Soto or Sens. Kwame Raoul, Patricia Van Pelt, Omar Aquino or Jacqueline Y. Collins district, thank them for standing up for the needs of community pharmacy and the patients you serve.

Look to IPC's  Legislative Action Center and State Government Relations Updates page and our Government Relations team for future grassroots action alerts on our activities in Illinois.

Questions or Concerns? Contact IPC's Government Relations Team at: GovernmentRelations@ipcrx.com.


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