IPC Hosts Kansas Pharmacy Association (KPhA) PAC Dinner

Sep 30, 2016

(left to right) KPhA contract lobbyist Steve Kearney, Brad Young representing
IPC, and KPhA Executive Director Mike Larkin.

IPC hosted a PAC Dinner on Friday, September 23, at the Kansas Pharmacy Association (KPhA) Annual meeting. Jody Reel, Governmental Affairs Committee Chair, expressed KPhA’s appreciation of IPC’s assistance with this event and shared how KPhA works with the Kansas Legislature, the importance of the PAC, and some of the current issues. Pharmacist Don Hill, a member of the Kansas House of Representatives who is not seeking re-election, spoke about budget issues and current legislative concerns. Lobbyist Steve Kearney spoke about the primary election results and the current fiscal problems.

After the dinner IPC’s Brad Young discussed legislative priorities and Kansas politics with Jody Reel and Steve Kearney. The KPhA government affairs committee is considering working on legislation to address the budget cuts to Medicaid, medical marijuana legalization, naloxone, medication synchronization, patient choice of pharmacy, and health care provider status. Last year the legislature passed a PBM MAC bill, which currently lacks enforcement. Reel stated that legislators recommended focusing on one bill for pharmacy; passing the MAC legislation became the focus. KPhA will be tracking data to ensure the PBMs follow the law. IPC will continue discussions with the KPhA Government Affairs Committee about legislative priorities.

IPC will continue to support the legislative efforts of our members in Kansas and across the nation. Questions or Concerns? Contact IPC’s Government Relations Team at: GovernmentRelations@ipcrx.com.