Urge Support for Comprehensive PBM Reform Legislation in Michigan

June 16, 2021

The Michigan state house recently passed Michigan House Bill 4348, 97-10. This bill is now scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Health Policy and Human Services Committee this Thursday, June 17. We need your help. Please contact the members of the Senate Committee on Health Policy and Human Services and urge them to support this legislation.

House Bill 4348 will:

- prohibit PBMs from reimbursing pharmacies affiliated with the PBM more than non-affiliate pharmacies
- prohibit patient steering to PBM-owned pharmacies
- prohibit retroactive clawbacks
- require reimbursements be based on the National Average Drug Acquisition Cost, an objective benchmark that accurately reflects the true market costs for Michigan pharmacies
- establish fair audit procedures for community pharmacies.

With your prompt action and support, we can get HB 4348 passed. Write or call your senator today.

Members of the Senate Committee on Health Policy and Human Services

Curtis VanderWall (R) Chair- (517) 373-1725

John Bizon (R) Majority Vice Chair- (517) 373-2426

Ruth Johnson (R)- (517) 373-1636

Kimberly LaSata (R)- (517) 373-6960

Michael MacDonald (R)- (517) 373-7315 

Lana Theis (R)- (517)- 373-2420

Winnie Brinks (D) Minority Vice Chair- 517-373-1801

Curtis Hertel (D)- 517-373-1734

Sylvia Santana (D)- 517-373-0990

Paul Wojno (D)- 517-373-8360