IPC is thrilled to offer special contracted pricing on Generic Lyrica®. Eight skus of Pregabalin are now available for you to order in the Rx Advantage catalog at www.ipcrx.com!

Item # NDC Description IPC Price
1C08276 50228-0350-90 Pregabalin Cap 25mg  90 Login to
for pricing!
1C08284 50228-0351-90 Pregabalin Cap 50mg  90
1C08292 50228-0352-90 Pregabalin Cap 75mg  90
1C08300 50228-0353-90 Pregabalin Cap 100mg  90
1C08318 50228-0354-90 Pregabalin Cap 150mg  90
1C08326 50228-0355-90 Pregabalin Cap 200mg  90
1C08334 50228-0356-90 Pregabalin Cap 225mg  90
1C08342 50228-0357-90 Pregabalin Cap 300mg  90

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*Lyrica is a registered trademark of Pfizer.