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The Roadmap: Your Key to Unlocking Hidden Profits and Cash Flow


Steven LeFever
Business Resource Services


We go beyond the basics to explore strategic financial analysis. When you don’t know where you are, it is difficult to chart a future course. Participants will work with a customized, pharmacy specific case study to learn how to solve the root cause of financial problems – instead of just treating the symptoms. We’ll also show participants how to analyze company performance with financial ratios and how to use industry comparison analysis. A key component of the ratio analysis is the Financial Road Map. This valuable graphical tool will help pharmacy owners see how different parts of a company work together to drive financial performance. Participants will understand what financial statements really tell them about their pharmacy operation and gain expertise and confidence to take action.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the critical need to consistently monitor financial position.
  2. Create a practical process, using ratios, to assess financial performance: identifying strengths, weaknesses and areas of opportunity.
  3. Identify the causes behind unsatisfactory performance and pinpoint specific profit and cash flow impact opportunities.
  4. Appreciate the dynamic relationships that exist between the balance sheet and income statement.
  5. Use financial analysis as a tool to improve profits, increase cash flow.
  6. Create goals and action plans to implement positive changes within the organization.

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