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Rethinking the Way You Order Controlled Substances: Legitimate Needs vs. Questionable Supply


Dan Toulouse
DEA Compliance Director
Independent Pharmacy Cooperative


The DEA is using every resource available at their disposal to identify reckless doctors, pharmacies, distributors and manufacturers in their fight against the opioid crisis and the diversion of controlled substances. As part of this initiative the DEA uses every tool at their disposal - administrative, civil, and criminal – to determine those businesses most likely to be operating as disguised drug traffickers. One such example is their review of potentially suspicious orders placed by your pharmacy through your primary or secondary distributors. This CE will provide a refresher on aspects of federal law, industry standards, and parameters in which you should be operating your business to help prevent the diversion of controlled substances and help you minimize unwanted scrutiny of your pharmacy. And should the DEA walk through your front door you’ll have the advantage of being prepared and knowing what to expect.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain the requirements for a valid prescription.
  2. Recognize the obligations and corresponding responsibilities of the pharmacist.
  3. Identify the “red flags” of a possible diversion.
  4. Explain suspicious order reporting requirements.
  5. Recognize how your ordering patterns can look suspicious.

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